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Ground Nut



Zone: 3-9Size: 1 Gal, 6-10 In.

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Product Description

LSU Groundnut – Apios americana

Ranging from Southern Canada to Florida, the Groundnut is an amazing native plant. All parts of this perennial vine are edible – shoot, flowers, seeds, and especially the tubers! The tubers, aka Groundnuts, are actually swellings that form along a thin rhizome very much like a string of beads and can grow up to the size of a large potato. When mature, the tubers are delicious with a sweet, nutty flavor and fine texture. Groundnuts are commonly equated with the potato for culinary purposes. When compared nutritional to the potato, Groundnuts have 3 times the protein content (17% protein), 10 times as much calcium, and twice the amount of iron. The Groundnut also loves to grow under other plants and around other root systems making it a great understory, underground permaculture plant. Plus because it is a legume, it’s also a soil nitrogen fixer! The LSU Groundnut strain was developed by the folks at Louisana State University led by Bill Blackmon. From 1984-1996, they developed the Apios americana into a plant with larger tubers and more tubers per rhizome (up to 50 per plant!). Vines are aggressive and can easily grow to 10 ft. Allow rhizomes to grow at least 2 years before harvesting to ensure decent size tubers. Harvest after frost for best flavor and store in a cool, damp place. Zones 3-9.

Note: We’re so sorry…but due to agricultural restrictions we cannot ship any plants to international countries, or the states of California, Hawaii and Alaska. Also, no citrus trees can be shipped outside of the state of Florida.

Additional Information

Pot Size

1 Gal

Plant Height

6 – 10 inches

Planting Zone

3 through 9



Ripening Season

Fall, after frost