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Mail Order Season begins in mid October 2014. Taking orders now!

For folks who can make the trip to the nursery, we're open year round except for part of July/August and Holidays. Come see us from Wednesday through Sunday, 9:05-5:08PM EST.

For all our local customers (and anyone willing to make the trip & save money!) we have our Pickup at Nursery Price List available.

Southern Plums

Plums are very well adapted to our Florida climate. Many areas of North Florida still have old thickets of plums growing in the wild. The ones we offer here are large, high quality fruits like you'll find in your finest fruit markets. Plums come in a wild array of flavors, shapes, sizes and colors. In the South, by carefully choosing varieties that ripen at different times, it's possible to have ripe homegrown plums all summer long. We're also adding some ornamental plums for folks that want the flowers and foliage, but not the fruit.

Plums need good cross-pollination. Even plums that are considered self-pollinating will bear larger and more consistent fruit crops with a pollinator. Remember that who pollinates who depends on your chill hours. If you are uncertain about your chill hours, contact your County Cooperative Extension Agent or check out the University of Florida IFAS chill hours map by clicking here.

   Click Here for the 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to find out your areas hardiness zone.
   Want to learn more about chill hours in your area? If you live in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina or South Carolina, try the Agroclimate.org link.

Plum Varieties (Prunus spp.)

    AU is for Auburn University in Alabama and they've developed a great series of plums. All the AU plums are resistant to bacterial fruit spot, bacterial canker, black knot, plum leaf scald and brown rot. Vigorous growth habit and increased longevity make these a great choice for high chill hour areas.

AU AMBER Heavy producer of 2 inch dark red skinned, yellow-amber fleshed fruit. Delicious for fresh eating or canning. Clingstone. Ripens in early June. Self fertile. 650 chill hours. Zones 7-8. $32.99 3gal(4-5ft).

AU ROADSIDE This cross of the Ozark Premier and Methley, produces dark red skinned and dark red fleshed 2 inch plums. Semi-clingstone. Ripens mid June to July. Somewhat self fertile, better production when pollinated with another AU or Methley plum. 700 chill hours. Zones 7-8. $32.99 3gal(4-5ft).

BRUCE One of the toughest Plum trees-- a Chickasaw-Japanese plum hybrid. Flavor is tops! A frost-hardy tree, ideal for low areas. Semi-dwarf, weeping habit. Sunset orange fruit with a sweet mellow flavor. Needs a pollinator. Ripens late May-June. 500 chill hours. Zones 8B-9. $32.99 3 gal (4-5ft).

BYRONGOLD Finally a yellow plum of high quality! To quote the United States Department of Agriculture, "Byrongold meets or exceeds all current expectations for tree vigor, productivity, precocity, and resistance to the bacterial and fungal diseases that are common in the Southeastern United States." Byrongold's fruit is a winner, too! Large , over 2 inches in diameter, and round, it's bright yellow on the outside with a golden-yellow flesh that's deliciously crispy. Needs a pollinator. Ripens late June to early July. 450 chill hours. Zone 8. $32.99 3 gal (4-5ft).

CHICKASAW A true edible ornamental, thickets of native Chickasaw plum are a welcome sight to bears, raccoons, foxes, deer, man, and other wildlife. They provide abundant crops of small bright red plums that ripen to yellow and make delicious jelly. In the early spring, while other deciduous trees are still dormant, Chickasaws announce their presence with stunning clouds of tiny pure white fragrant flowers. Drought tolerant once established. Zones 6-9. $29.99 3gal(4-5ft).

Guthrie Chickasaw Plum GUTHERIE CHICKASAW An improved Chickasaw plum that doesn't sucker and is highly disease resistant. This new variety is yellow-skinned with a tangy, sweet yellow flesh. Fruit is 1 1/2 inches across and makes a fabulous jelly. A good choice for growers who have problems with pollination. Ripens mid-June. Zones 8-9. $29.99 3gal(4-5ft).

ROBUSTO New plum with wild plum in its breeding to make it tough and disease resistant. This new variety has a bronze-red skin and red flesh coupled with a great flavor. Clingstone. Needs a pollinator. Ripens early June. 400-500 chill hours. Zone 8. $32.99 3 gal (4-5ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

SEGUNDO Another plum with wild plum in its breeding to make it tough and disease resistant. This new variety has a red skin and orange-red flesh coupled with a great flavor. Clingstone. Needs a pollinator. Ripens mid June. 400-500 chill hours. Zone 8. $32.99 3 gal (4-5ft).

TROPICAL PLUMS (Low Chill for Zones 8B-9)

You'll love these super low chill plums if you live in South Florida or anywhere in Zones 8B-9. They also work well in North Florida (Zone 8B) because along with a low chill requirement, they have a high heat requirement to initiate flowering (a heat unit is sort of the opposite of chill units-- just take our word for it). All the Gulf series plums pollinate each other (but cannot be pollinated with our other low chill plums).

Sorry, not available at this time.

Gulf Beauty Plum GULF BEAUTY Still another University of Florida patented release (USPP 11224). Richly sweet, small, red fruit. Heavy producer with excellent flavor. Use Gulf Blaze or Gulf Rose to pollinate. Ripens early May. 250 chill hours. Zones 8B-9. $34.99 3 gal (4-5ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

Gulf Blaze Plum Gulf Blaze Plum GULF BLAZE Patented University of Florida release (USPP 10880). Medium-sized, deep ruby-red fruit with yellow-red center. Excellent flavor. Use Gulf Beauty or Gulf Rose to pollinate. Ripens early to mid-May. 250 chill hours. Zones 8B-9. $34.99 3 gal (4-5ft).

Sorry, not available at this time.

GULF ROSE Another University of Florida patented release (USPP 12833). Heavy crops of medium-sized fruit. Rich flavor, rose center. About as beautiful as a plum can get! Use Gulf Beauty or Gulf Blaze to pollinate. 275 chill hours. Ripens early May. Zones 8B-9. $34.99 3 gal (4-5ft).

SCARLET BEAUTY Developed in Wauchula, FL by plant breeder Ronald Lambert, the Scarlet Beauty is a medium sized red skinned, red streaked amber fleshed plum. Reported to be self fertile. 150 chill hours. Ripens in May. Zone 9. $32.99 3 gal (4-5ft).

Just the Facts

Not sure what to do with peaches, plums and nectarines or how to grow them right? DON'T PANIC! Push the panic button and we will give you "Just the Facts" you need to successfully grow them.

Peaches, Plums and Nectarines, Oh My!

Peaches, plums and nectarines prefer well-drained soils and part to full sun.

Peaches, plums and nectarines are highly susceptible to nematodes in the Deep South, especially in sandy soils. Nemagard or Guardian are the preferred rootstocks as they offer resistance to the pesky little worms. Our trees for Zone 8 are grafted on Nemaguard while the tropical plums are grafted onto Guardian. All plums require a pollinator.

These guys are ferocious feeders so it really pays to do a light application of manure and hay in the spring. Then side dress with a balanced fertilizer high in trace elements in February, May and July.

Are we out of what you are looking for? Email us at Justfruits@hotmail.com and we'll put you on the "Call When Available" list. We will call you!

Please come to see us if you can (Wednesday to Sunday, 9:05-5:08). We are located 19 miles south of Tallahassee, just off US Highway 98, 1 mile east of the intersection with US Highway 319 (South of Crawfordville center and actually in the village of Medart). If you need further directions, feel free to call us at 1-850-926-5644 or enter 30 Saint Frances St. Crawfordville FL 32327 (or Just Fruits Nursery) into Google Maps ( CLICK HERE).

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