The retail garden shop and the farm are now open on Sundays too! Now normal open hours are Wednesday through Saturday 9:05 to 5:08. Sunday 11:00 to 5:00. Closed Holidays: July 4th, Christmas (Dec. 25-Jan. 3), Thanksgiving Day, and Easter Sunday.
ONLINE ORDERS: We are now taking online orders. Shipping season is October through May; order early to get the best selection. New arrivals and crops in progress are becoming available weekly. Please feel free to put your choice(s) on the Wait List. We'll notify you when the crop is ready. More Shipping Info...
Hour Sign at Just Fruits Entrance

We’re Back Open

Hour Sign at Just Fruits EntranceIt’s been a wonderful summer for us. Long days filled with tending the new crop,  grafting more fruit trees, harvesting fruit, and visiting far away places. This is our first open week of the fall season and it’s so nice to be back! The nursery is now open on our regular schedule of Wednesday through Sunday, 9:05 to 5:08. Come out for a visit. The gardens are lush and beautiful, filled with colorful flowers. We’ve still got a good crop of pears ripening in the orchard, muscadine grapes and just a few persimmons are starting to ripen. Now is a good time to come taste the  different varieties of these fruits.  I ate an Izu persimmon yesterday, so sweet! The retail display area is filling up fast with the new crop.


Victoria Red Bunch Grape FruitDwarf Red BananaWe’ve got an outstanding selection this year. So many new varieties this year Victoria Red grapes a new PD resistant bunch grape for the southeast, Sweetie Pie blackberries, a super sweet blackberry, Dwarf Red Bananas, great for container growing ,Violet de Bordeaux figs one of the highest rated figs for flavor,  Southern King and Southern Queen soft pears, blight resistant pears that come so close to Bartlett’s. The big news is we will have plenty of Titan and the new Krewer blueberries this year. Krewer is University of Georgia’s newest blueberry release, fruit are super sized like Titian. Named after UGA retired fruit specialist Dr Gerard Krewer, this is a worthy blueberry. Izu Persimmon

Good news, the website shopping cart should be up and running this coming week, for our mail order friends. We’ll be sending out the first emails to people on the wait list soon. If you made a note to be notified when a fruit you were interested in is available, be sure to take some time and get in your order soon. Some items are limited this year and will go fast.

The weather’s cooling and it will soon be time to plant more fruit trees. Load up the kids, cat’s, dogs and various other loved ones (they are all welcome) and make a trip to the beach, enjoy seeing the wild flowers blooming along the way, and be sure and stop in for a visit. 


We’d love to see ya….

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