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Fertrell Super N 4-2-4

Super N Fertrell 4-2-4 #25 lbs


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Product Description

Fertrell’s Super N is an OMRI certified organic fertilizer used by professional market farmers. Studies in our orchard and gardens have proven this fertilizer to be the best over all organic fertilizer for young fruit trees, shade trees and leafy vegetables like lettuce, kale and  mustard. Fertrell High N is a multi-purpose organic plant food that provides readily available nutrients. It’s great for  boosting germinating seedlings and helps get young fruit trees off to a fast and vigorous start. Blended from gentle slow release organic components it  will continue to feed the crop through the entire growing season. Use at the rate of two pounds per inch of diameter of tree trunk. Apply once in spring. In areas with long growing seasons, a second application in mid summer will boost the growth of heavy feeding fruit trees like peach, nectarine, citrus and apples.