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Maxine Mayhaw Courtesy of Travis Callahan
Mayhaw Maxine Flowers Courtesy of Travis CallahanMayhaw Maxine Courtesy of Travis CallahanMayhaw Maxine 4 Courtesy of Travis CallahanMayhaw Maxine 3 Courtesy of Travis CallahanMayhaw Maxine 2  Courtesy of Travis Callahan



Planting and Care Facts (pdf)Zone: 7-9Mayhaw Size Info

Size: 5x5x12″ or 3 Gal., 4-5 Ft.

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Product Description

Maxine Mayhaw – Large 3/4″ fruit!

Found by James Eaves near DeRidder LA, Maxine has large fruit, over 3/4 inch. Consistent heavy producer and ripens uniformly – 95% of the fruit can be harvested at one time. Maxine is very resistant to fire blight and considered on of the very best varieties found in the wild. It’s also a beautiful tree with a natural inverted umbrella shape. Long time mayhaw grower Travis Callahan of Abbyville La considers this to one of the best mayhaws to grow in the south. Here’s what he has to say about it: “Maxine is a “low shatter” and later blooming mayhaw. The fruit is slow to fall until all fruit are red . Since mayhaw bloom over a three week period from bloom start to bloom end the fruit ripen or “color” over a three week period too. Therefore most of the fruit can be harvested in a single shaking when all fruit is dark red. This is also the time that the juice will be at it’s darkest color. Harvest here in South Louisiana is June 19 on average. Many other mayhaw are harvested by early May so Maxine is later.” Ripens early June.  Maxine needs a cross pollinator to fruit and is a late bloomer,  so use Big Red, Reliable or Georgia Gem to pollinate. Zones 7-9  

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Additional Information

Pot Size

5x5x12 or 3 Gal.

Plant Height

4-5 Ft.

Planting Zone



Betsy, Big Red, Reliable, Georgia Gem, Marlene

Ripening Season

Early June