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Lemon Grass

LEMON GRASS PLANT(Cymbopogon Citratus) 


Zone: 8B-10Size: 1 Gal, 1-2 Ft.Lemon Grass Size Info

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Product Description

Lemon Grass – A Must for Asian Cooking!

Although there are several species of lemon grass in cultivation,  cymbopon citratus is the plant known to be the best when used for cooking. It’s subtle citrus like flavor lends itself well to a wide range of Asian dishes, teas, soups and curries. Lemon grass is a fast growing clumping grass that grows to three feet. It’s the fleshy stem base that is most used in cooking, peel off the outer layers of tougher leaves of the grass stem and make several cuts into the creamy white stem, this will release the flavor when cooked. Imparts a rich lemon flavor. Leaves are diced and dried and are a common ingredient to many commercial herbal teas.  Zones 8B-10.

Note: We’re so sorry… but due to agricultural restrictions we cannot ship any plants to international countries, or the states of California, Hawaii and Alaska. Also, no citrus trees can be shipped outside of the state of Florida.

Additional Information

Pot Size

1 Gal

Plant Height

1-2 Ft.

Planting Zone




Ripening Season

Year Round