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Nuts - Chestnut Trees - Chestnut Varieties (Castanea sp.) 

Buying and Growing Tips…

 Chestnuts are fast growers and make great shade trees. They do need pollination so be sure to plant two at least 60 foot from each other. 

Nuts - Ginkgo Trees - Ginkgo Varieties (Ginkgo biloba)

Buying and Growing Tips… 

Every year in the fall we have a betting pool on when the leaves of the ginkgos will fall. These trees are stunning when it happens, golden yellow and it all happens so quickly. Great shade trees and good quality nuts.

Nuts - Pecan Trees - Pecan Varieties (Carya illinoinensis)

Buying and Growing Tips...

Pecan are truly fussy about pollination. They fall into two classes. Be sure to plant one from each group to get good nut production. Here’s a break down of the groups:

TYPE I Amling, Caddo, Cape Fear, Jackson and Oconee

TYPE II Elliot, Moreland, Stuart, Sumner

Nuts - Walnut Trees - Just Us Nuts – Black Walnuts

Buying and Growing Tips… 

Black Walnuts are a great choice for permaculture or organic gardeners. They are rarely bothered by disease and insects and provide a good good for the winter stores. Although considered self fertile they bear heavier with a mate near by.

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