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We’re Here to Help!

Whether you visit us directly or are placing on order over the web, we’re here to help. Our passion is to help you make your garden thrive. Feel free to call us with questions about insect and fungus control, soil amendments, fertilizers, or other problems you might experience. We’re just a call away: 850-926-5644. Better yet come to the nursery if you can.

Visit the Garden Shop

The garden shop is where you can get your fruit tree care problems solved. We have a growing collection of supplies to grow your garden organically. You’ll be able to buy soil amendments like green sand, worm castings, fish emulsion, and Espoma brand organic fertilizers. The best organic fungicides and insecticides to cure what ails your sick plants, as well as a bug and disease diagnosis service. We now carry Fertrell fertilizer. The Fertrell company has been around since 1946, making it America’s oldest organic fertilizer manufacturer. Fertrell is the fertilizer most commercial organic growers use. It is OMRI certified organic and chock full of ingredients that are good for the soil life as well as the plants you’re fertilizing. Here’s a run down on the mixes:

  • High N 4-2-4 for young fruit trees and berries
  • Super K 3-4-7 for older fruit trees that are bearing fruit crops
  • Holly Care 4-6-4 for blueberries and citrus grafted on trifoliate root stock

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