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Mulberry Trees

At one time, the Mulberry was one of the most treasured fruit trees on the homestead. Planted around outbuildings and livestock pens, they were valued as beautiful, useful and lush shade trees. Mulberries needed no care, and reliably produced bucketfuls of delicious fruit. When the berries were harvested in spring, much time was spent preserving and storing the bounty. Opening a jar of mulberry jam or delicious dried mulberry raisins in the depths of winter was a true pleasure. Even spicy wines were made from the delicious and versatile Mulberry. Mulberries prefer well-drained soils and part to full sun.

Mulberries in the Landscape
Mulberries make the most fabulous shade trees- tall, elegant and fast growing. Or, for a truly cool addition to your garden, plant a weeping mulberry and train it into a living playhouse for your kids. A simple framework and some judicious pruning will provide a playhouse and sweet treats within reach of the little ones at your house.

«Not sure what to do with Mulberry Trees or how to grow them? Click here for Just the Facts on planting and care.

«Click here for the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map for your area.

Mulberry Trees - Fruiting Mulberry Varieties

Buying and Growing Tips… 

So many varieties to choose from. The white ones make great dried raisins, if you like soft sweet mulberries try Wacissa, tangy sweet ones are Boysenberry and Pakistan. For a long ripening season grow Illinois Ever Bearing. To keep the trees small, trim them hard after gathering the crop, they’ll stay short and bear a good crop next year.

Mulberry Trees - Ornamental Mulberry Varieties

Buying and Growing Tips…

Want something unusual to plant in your garden? Try one of these beauties. Mulberries are disease free and good choices for organic gardeners. 

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