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Mandarin Melonberry

Manderine Melonberry TreesKnown by many names Che, Chinese Che, Chinese Mulberry, Cudrang, Mandarin Melon Berry, Silkworm Thorn is a beautiful, small, rounded tree with broad olive- green leaves. The tree hangs heavy with red raspberry-like fruit in the late summer. The fruit has a sweet, cantaloupe melon flavor. Our trees are grafted on Osage Orange to ensure early heavy fruit production without troublesome thorns or root suckers. Che aka Manderine Melonberry were thought at one time to need a pollinator , when pollinated by a male tree the fruit tend to be seedy and hard to eat. Our female trees will bear with out a pollinator and are seedless. The fruit is good in fruit salads or made into home made ice cream. Mandarin Melon Berries are Self Fertile.

Mandarin Melon Berries in the Landscape
Mandarin Melon Berry grows to be a big shade tree, if its size is not controlled by pruning (an option for smaller yards). Make it a centerpiece, surrounded by flower beds. And as a major plus, this one is an organic gardener’s dream- absolutely no spraying required and it’s tough as nails once established.


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«Not sure what to do with Mandarin Melonberry or how to grow them? Click here for Just the Facts on planting and care.

Mandarin Melonberry - Mandrarin Melon Berry Varieties (Cudrania tricuspidata Bur. ex Lavallee)

Buying and Growing Tips…

Buying GRAFTED Che or Mandarin Melon Berry Trees will save you a lot of future headaches. The trees are less thorny and do not sucker. Our variety fruits well without a pollinate and is seedless. Melon Berry are known for their disease tolerance, good choice for  permaculture and organic gardeners.

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