Banana Trees

banana raji puri agristarts 300x240 ABYSSINIAN BANANAYes, We Have Bananas!

Bananas are the best way to add tropical splendor to your landscape. Lush and fast growing, bananas can be used as a backdrop or as a focal specimen. Create a summer windbreak or privacy screen. Plant a group of 3 to 5 and create an instant shade garden. Mix in elephant ears and gingers for a South Seas paradise.

Bananas will grow and produce fruit regularly in the colder regions of the Lower South (Zones 8B and 9). It takes two things to be successful: a variety that will fruit in 9 months (most varieties take 2 years), and plenty of water and fertilizer. Bananas fruit year `round in Zone 10.

Bananas are ferocious feeders on nitrogen and potassium. For best production use a fertilizer like 20-0-50. Bananas are self-pollinating.
This should be the mantra of the banana grower. Bananas thrive on two things: organically rich soil and lots of moisture. Plant them in large holes filled with compost and leave a leaky hose close to the root. Happiness will reign in the banana patch!
Bananas eat lots of potassium. So best fruit yields come from fertilizing heavily with the stuff. Wood ash is a great source of potassium. Ask us for our fantastic fact sheet on growing bananas!

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Banana Trees - Fruiting Varieties

Buying and Growing Tips…

Bananas trees come in many sizes. If you have a small yard or patio think about choosing a dwarf variety like Raji Puri or Dwarf Ornoco. For best fruit,  trim the growing clump to no more than three trunks, this will give you faster production. The trimmed extra trunks make great mulch around the trees.

Banana Trees - Ornamental Varieties

Buying and Growing Tips…

Bananas grow best and will thrive with a heavy mulch of leaves, hay or straw around the base of the plants. Make it a large mulch bed 5 to 6 foot across. This will conserve water and keep the roots cool and moist.

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