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Strawberry Plants

Strawberry fruit plants


Start with the Best!
Strawberries are by far the most popular, easiest to grow and most rewarding of the berries you can grow.. In our effort to sell the most trouble-free, productive plants, we are now offering the same plants commercial growers buy. These plants will produce 3 to 4 times better than the usual backyard strawberry plants, yielding up to one quart per plant. We grow our plants in  4 inch plug pots, these plants are well established and will grow out faster and put in you  into production sooner.  For highest production and largest berries, it pays to start with the best.

Edging Groundcover or Hanging Baskets?
Lush strawberry leaves are beautiful borders for walkways or as low growing groundcovers in flower beds and shrubbery borders. Plant strawberries under apples, plums or peaches for beauty and increased production. Patio gardeners can enjoy strawberry barrels, pyramids and hanging baskets.

Strawberries in the Deep South are best treated as an annual. Plant them in the fall, enjoy your spring and summer harvest and then till them in and plant some onions or beans in their spot for the rest of the summer garden season.

Prone to disease and nematodes if left in the same area more than a season, strawberries crowd themselves out and produce smaller and smaller berries. So start clean each year with the most virus free plants you can find. The plants we offer are one generation from a tissue cultured mother plant.

Strawberries need lots of moisture when first planted. Plant in well-drained soil in part to full sun, and water regularly.

«Not sure what to do with Strawberries or how to grow them? Click here for Just the Facts on planting and care.

«Click here for the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map for your area.

Strawberry Plants - Strawberry Varieties (Fragaria spp.)

Buying and Growing Tips… 

Really productive strawberry plants start with building good soil. Roto-til or plow in at least a couple of inches of manure or compost before you plant. Tenting with plastic for freeze events can get you ripe strawberries in North Florida by Valentines day.

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