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Sherbet Berry

Sherbet Berry Fruit TreesSherbet Berries are a fairly new fruit for the Southern Garden. They hail from southern  Pakistan east to Cambodia. Widely cultivated, this fruit is used to make a popular beverage sold in the streets of Bombay. It has a sweet/tart sherbet like flavor. The fruit is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C. 

This plant holds a wide range of uses in it’s native country The fresh leaves are valued as fodder for live stock.The bark is used as a soap substitute in Burma. and the fiber extracted from the bark is made into rope. The wood is yellow-white, fine-grained, strong and flexible. It is used for archers’ bows, spear handles, shingles and poles for carrying loads on the shoulders. Stems that are pruned off serve as garden poles and for basket-making. 

Some of the medical uses are for the treatment for diarrhea. The root bark is employed in treating rheumatism. The leaves are applied on skin eruptions and they are known to have antibiotic action.

It withstands some freezing, sprouting from the roots after winter freeze damage, to fruit within the summer season. In warmer areas it is beneficial to trim it hard to encourage new fruiting wood. Sherbet Berries are self fertile, you will only need to buy one to get a good crop of berries.

Exotic Beauty in the Landscape
You could not ask for a more exotic-looking plant to plant within you edible landscape. The small shrub has large multi-colored heart shaped leaves. The plant is in a constant state of new growth, flowers and fruit through out the summer. Tuck into a shrubbery border or use as a show stopping specimen trees. Enjoys being clipped and will fruit well in a patio container setting.

Sherbet Berry - Sherbert Berry (Grewia asiatica) Varieties

Buying and Growing Tips…

Sherbet Berries can be kept small with frequent pruning. In fact because they bear on new wood the hard pruning makes them more productive. Great plant for edible container gardeners.

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