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Goumi Plants

Goumi’s are gaining popularity as a new fruit for the south, due to their easy growing nature and super healthy fruit. They thrive in poor soils mainly due to the fact goumi’s are a legume. Legumes create their own nitrogen to feed themselves as well as plants in the area surrounding their root systems. People interested in permaculture or food forest gardening are particularly fond of planting them near other less hardy trees. This system of nurse planting helps the weaker plants get a stronger start, and thrive until they can fend for themselves. 
Goumi fruit is rated as one of the true super foods. High in antioxidants, and vitamins. They have a taste like sour cherries and are delicious in jams or jellies. Fruit dries and stores well. 
Edible Hedges
Silvery grey blue foliage and highly fragrant spring time blooms. Bushes turn bright red with fruit in early summer.  Excellent edible landscaping plant. Makes a great hedge or specimen plant. Good in containers for the patio garden. Plants are self fertile.

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Goumi Plants - Goumi Varieties (Elaeagnus multiflora)

Buying and Growing  Tips…

 Work these beauties into you landscape, the bushes are absolutely gorgeous when in fruit. They also look great and bear heavily in containers for people with small space yards.

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