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Blackberry and Raspberry

Summer and berries—searching the roadside for patches of tasty wild berries for jams and fresh eating. Every country family has done it, and the wild patches are quickly disappearing to urban sprawl. So why not grow your own? Homegrown blackberries are well worth the effort, and can be grown by any gardener. Smaller growers than fruit trees, they fit easily into the tightest of yards, and can be easily tucked into your landscape or just added to the vegetable garden.  Many new cultivars make it easy to have that same wild flavor in a patch in your backyard (and some varieties are thorn-less). Most of the varieties you’ll buy from us, are bred for their size, production, and excellent fresh flavor. We choose to offer plants that do especially well in the hot humid south. In the edible landscape they make great hedges and as backdrops for the flower border. Even a city gardener can have a few berry plants by planting them in pots! «Not sure what to do with Blackberry Bushes or how to grow them? Click here for Just the Facts on planting and care. «Click here for the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map for your area.


Buying and Growing Tips…

Upright blackberries do not require a trellis or fence the grow on. Easy go grow, rarely effected by disease these are good choices for organic growers.

Blackberry and Raspberry - Raspberry-Varieties

Buying and Growing Tips… 

Growing raspberries in the hot humid south can be challaging. Choosing a variety that will stand up to the disease and insect pressure is important. Planting them in lots of sun and mulching heavily with a fast rotting mulch like hay will insure the plants stay weed free and help to build good quality organic matter in the soil. Healthy soil means healthy plants.

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