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Berry Plants

Berry Plants - Passionfruit Vine

Passionfruit Vine

Passionfruit Vine – Many Tropical Flavors in One Fruit!
Passionfruit is loved worldwide for its unique, sweet to sweet-tart, tropical flavor whether eaten fresh, juiced, or jellied. It’s flavor has been likened to a mix of mango, guava, papaya, and pineapple. While the purple passionfruit is native to southern Brazil, Paraguay and northern Chile; the yellow passionfruit origin is unknown as it may have come from the Amazon area of Brazil or may be a hybrid – it’s a mystery! All passionfruit vines are rampant growers so give them lots of room. They grow well on a trellis, fence or arbor. Some varieties are host and nectar plants for butterflies and all will produce gorgeous flowers before setting fruit. Passionfruit vines are frost tender so choose your location wisely with lots of sun. While drought tolerant, regular watering is required for good fruit set and fruit quality. Fruit is ripe when fully colored or has fallen off the vine. Even a little shrivelled is okay!.
Exotic Beauty in the Landscape
You could not ask for a more exotic-looking vine in your edible landscape. From the frilly purple and white flowers to the large purple fruit, passionfruit vines are a delight in the garden or large container. The vines continue to look fabulous throughout the Summer as they thrive in the heat and sun.

Berry Plants - Elderberry Plants - Elderberry-Varieties

 Buying and Growing Tips…

Near impossible to buy in the grocery store, fresh elderberries are super high in antioxidants and vitamins. Grow your own to make delicious wines, jellies and syrup for your pancakes. The plants are beautiful in flower and attract a wide range of pollinators to the garden.

Berry Plants - Blackberry and Raspberry - BLACKBERRY – UPRIGHT HEDGING VARIETIES

Buying and Growing Tips…

Upright blackberries do not require a trellis or fence the grow on. Easy go grow, rarely effected by disease these are good choices for organic growers.

Berry Plants - Blackberry and Raspberry - Raspberry-Varieties

Buying and Growing Tips… 

Growing raspberries in the hot humid south can be challaging. Choosing a variety that will stand up to the disease and insect pressure is important. Planting them in lots of sun and mulching heavily with a fast rotting mulch like hay will insure the plants stay weed free and help to build good quality organic matter in the soil. Healthy soil means healthy plants.

Berry Plants - Blueberry Plants - RABBITEYE Blueberry Varieties (Vaccinium ashei)

Buying and Growing Tips… 

All rabbiteye blueberries will pollinate each other but to ensure a consistent crop you need to choose the appropriate variety with chill hours that match your zone. Zones 8A to 8B require a chill hour variety of 400 and above. Zones 8B to 9A require a chill hour variety of 400 and below.

Berry Plants - Blueberry Plants - SOUTHERN HIGHBUSH Blueberry Vareties (V. ashei x carymbosum)

Buying and Growing Tips… 

A new breed of early ripening blueberry, Southern Highbush (also called Tetraploids) are a cross between Rabbiteye and Northern Highbush blueberries. Everything is different about these guys: the plants are smaller, the leaves look different (thicker and more crinkly) and they ripen early and bear more heavily than Rabbiteyes. These beauties need a soil high in organic matter for best production. For good cross pollination and fruit set choose at least  two different varieties rated to grow within the same zone.

Berry Plants - Goumi Plants - Goumi Varieties (Elaeagnus multiflora)

Buying and Growing  Tips…

 Work these beauties into you landscape, the bushes are absolutely gorgeous when in fruit. They also look great and bear heavily in containers for people with small space yards.

Berry Plants - Grape Vines - Bunch Grapes Varieties (Vitus spp. hybrids) 

Buying and Growing Tips… 

Bunch grapes in the south need to be resistant to Pierce’s Disease to do well. Pierce’s Disease effects grapes from the Carolina’s south and is spread through out zones 8 and 9 from Florida to West Texas. All of the grapes we grow and sell are Pierce’s Disease resistant. It pays to buy the right grape varieties for long term success. Bunch grapes are Self Fertile and small growers so are good choices for people with small yards. 

Berry Plants - Grape Vines - Muscadine Varieties (Vitus rotundiflora) FEMALES– NEED POLLINATION

Buyeing and Growing Tips…

Easy to grow, muscadines are a great choice for organic gardeners. Female muscadines do need cross pollination to fruit. Be sure to buy at least one Self Fertile variety to pollinate up to four Female vines.

Berry Plants - Grape Vines - Muscadine Varieties (Vitus rotundiflora) SELF-POLLINATING

Buying and Growing Tips… 

Muscadines are the lazy gardeners dream. No need to spray them, they thrive on little care and produce for years to come. Self Fertile varieties do not need a pollinator, these are the best choice to buy if you only want one grape vine.

Berry Plants - Kiwi Vines - Arguta Varieties (Actinidia arguta)

Buying and Growing Tips…

Smooth skinned kiwis are sweeter and easier to eat. Tasty skin, just pop them into your mouth and eat them like grapes. Smooth skinned Female varieties need the smooth skinned Male Arguta to fruit, and they need to be planted within 30 foot for good cross pollination. Buy at least one Male to pollinate up to four Females.

Berry Plants - Kiwi Vines - Fuzzy Varieties (Actinidia deliciosa)

Buying and Growing Tips… 

Fuzzy Kiwis grow on a large rambling vine, for good production plant your vines at least 15 foot apart. Female varieties need cross pollination to fruit. Buy at least one Fuzzy Male kiwi vine to pollinate up to four Fuzzy Female vines.

Berry Plants - Sherbet Berry - Sherbert Berry (Grewia asiatica) Varieties

Buying and Growing Tips…

Sherbet Berries can be kept small with frequent pruning. In fact because they bear on new wood the hard pruning makes them more productive. Great plant for edible container gardeners.

Berry Plants - Strawberry Plants - Strawberry Varieties (Fragaria spp.)

Buying and Growing Tips… 

Really productive strawberry plants start with building good soil. Roto-til or plow in at least a couple of inches of manure or compost before you plant. Tenting with plastic for freeze events can get you ripe strawberries in North Florida by Valentines day.

Berry Plants - Goji Berry Plants - Goji Berry Varieties

Buying and Growing Tips… Super healthy to eat, Goji Berries are high in antioxidants and vitamins.The plants are self fertile and small growing in size, so fit well in a container as an edible patio plant.

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