SPRING SHIPPING: During the hot summer months we suspend shipping to assure the highest quality delivery experience. Our mail order spring shipping season ends in late May. Orders need to be placed by May 4th to allow processing before the cut-off time. Shipping will resume again in mid to late September for the fall/winter shipping season. More Shipping Info...
Normal retail store Open Hours: Wed. - Sat: 9:05 to 5:08. Closed for August. Holidays: July 4th, Christmas (Dec. 25-Jan. 3), Thanksgiving Day, and Easter Sunday. Mail order always open.

Pick Up at Nursery Price List

Save Money and Pick up Your Plants at the Nursery

We take great pride in our mail order business and always ship the same trees that you could buy at our retail nursery. However, we strongly encourage you to come visit us at our retail nursery to make your selections. You save yourself the shipping and handling charges and avoid possible damage from the mail order process. You’ll have a chance to wander the gardens and orchards and taste what’s ripe in the orchard at  at the tasting table. We’d love to meet you!

We’re open Wednesday through Saturday, 9:05-5:08. We’re always closed between Christmas and New Year’s and on Thanksgiving Day, and 4th of July. If you are traveling a long ways, or are with a tour group, garden club or other organization, be sure to call ahead. We’d love to make your experience a good one. If your interest lies in how your fruit tree was created, be sure to take a guided tour of our growing field.


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