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Packing / Shipping/ Our Plant Guarantee

Excellent customer service. Honest as the day is long. This company cares about its customers and will go the extra mile to prove it. First class all the way. I am glad that I have found this company. -Johnboy, Carrabelle, FL

… extremely helpful… by far the best quality persimmon trees I’ve ever received…about 4 feet tall, very thick trunks, & healthy looking. The packaging job was like Fort Knox… -DMI, Manistee, MI

…I purchased 4 kiwis from another mail order nursery a few weeks ago for about the same price each. Your kiwis blow them out of the water! I took pictures of a side by side comparison that I’m send to you so you so you can show people…. Shane, Alachua, FL

The Plants

Peach CropIn some cases, let’s just face it — size matters! I’ve got a real gripe about most mail order nurseries and the size of plants they send you. Through the years of growing and selling mail order plants, I’ve had more than a few people tell me about their experiences of paying top dollar for a plant, only to receive a small rooted cutting or a bare root twig, that just isn’t ready to be planted into the open ground. We want you to know we don’t sell any ugly little itty bitty plants. Yes, they are big and they do cost you something to ship. But in the long run, you will have a strong plant that will give you less trouble.

Shipping Close Up of 3 Gallon Root Balls

It’s all about the Roots. Our Trees are Container Grown.

All of our plants are container-grown. This helps to ensure a disease-free root system, while practically eliminating transplant shock. The fruit trees are in either a tall 2 gallon or 3-gallon pots and range from two to five feet tall. The berries are in quarts, 1 or 2-gallon pots and are 6 inches to two feet in height. We want you to know that when we give you a plant height, it is the actual height of the plant you receive. To meet UPS shipping regulation and save you money most plants are trimmed to fit into a 4-foot box. Many of our plants are 5 and 6 foot tall before they receive their final trimming. If you’d like to receive the full-size plant, request that and we’ll add the oversize boxing fee (usually $11.00 per tree) to cover the additional expense.

Shipping 3 Gallon Loosening Roots

Container Grown

Shipping Bare Root Verses Container

Verses Bare Root

The Packing

Shipping 3 Gallon Packed and Ready to Box

All trees are shipped in the containers they are grown in to eliminate the chance of damaged root systems.

Our trees are shipped in the containers they are grown in. The plants are watered well before they are packed and wrapped in a shipping bag to ensure they stay moist during transit. 

Professionally Pruned Trees

Shipping Pruning Tops Before

Un-pruned tree before packing

Shipping Pruning Tops After

Pruned to correct training system

In addition to trimming to fit the boxed, we also prune your trees to begin their training system. Well trained fruit trees live longer and have a more productive life. They will be will be easier to harvest, have less disease and insect troubles. We train our trees from birth to the system that suits the tree the best. If you wish to do your own pruning at planting, just make a note in “Order Notes” at checkout. Remember that our trees are large, so if you say “don’t prune my trees” you may incur an oversize boxing fee, which is usually around $11.00 per tree.

Unpacking your shipment

Shipping Lable

Get them out of the boxes as soon as possible!

When your trees arrive, remove them from their boxes as soon as possible. Remove the shipping bags from the pots. Place them in the shade for a few days, to help them acclimate to their new climate. If you have a received a plant that can not withstand your cold winters put the plant in a warm above freezing sunlit area until spring arrives in your area.   Be sure to check them often until you can plant them, and water as needed. Plant the trees as soon as possible. Plants that are shipped in their container will hold several months before they have to be planted if you are planting an area that requires spring planting. For the complete information on the care of your trees be sure to read the “Unpacking and Care of your Trees” guide that is sent with your trees. We also provide detailed care instructions on every type of fruit you buy from us. They are in the box with the plant as well as on the website here “Growing Instructions”.  Keep us posted on how they grow. We love hearing how our young babies are doing.  

Our Guarantee

  All plants are guaranteed for one year from the ship date. It is our highest aim to make you a happy customer. You are what has kept us in business for more than 30 years! If you feel you’ve received a bad plant, we want to be the first to know about it. All of our plants are guaranteed to be true to name. If for some reason you wind up with the wrong plant, we’ll replace it with the right plant. If we can’t, we will refund the money you paid for the plant. We really work hard to send you the best possible plant. If the plant is in questionable health, we’ll not ship it and refund your money. However, despite all of our best efforts, you may occasionally receive a bad plant. That’s what the guarantee is for. Our guarantee covers a one-time replacement of the plant. Some of the things that are NOT guaranteed are plants that die due to freezes, flooding or other acts of Mother Nature. Plus, it doesn’t include plant abuse, plants that die from lack of water, fertilizer, beating with chains or being threatened with a chainsaw. The plants guaranteed, the shipping is not. You’ll need to pay the shipping costs if a new plant is sent. ZONES ABOVE 9A AND COLDER Tender plants like figs, banana, loquat, mulberry, olives, pomegranate, kiwi, and sherbet berry are often lost to freezes when planted in the fall and winter of areas above zone 9. We will not guarantee any trees planted in the fall or winter in these zones. We advise you to make a note on your order requesting a spring ship date. ZONE 7B AND COLDER-Winters in this area tend to have extreme temperature drops that cause death to newly planted trees. We will not guarantee any trees planted in the fall or winter in these zones. We advise you to make a note on your order requesting a spring ship date. Guarantee does not cover any plants that are planted outside of the recommended zones.

Frequently Asked Question about Shipping

When Will I get my Shipment?

We know you are eager to get your plants and get them planted. We begin taking orders in September when we are sure of the count and quality of the new crop. Shipping begins when the weather cools in October to ensure the least amount of damage to your plants. You’ll receive a confirmation of your order at the time you place the order. We’ll email you a week before shipping to make sure you are ready to receive the shipment. If not, email us back to let us know not the ship that week. Our shipping turn around time is usually around one week, once we have cleared the backlog of pre-orders in October. DECEMBER SHIPPING We do suspend shipping during the week before Christmas through to New Years, to avoid the confusion of the Christmas shipping season. We’ve found through the years, that shipping during this time frame leads to lost and delayed packages.  If you are trying to get a package to someone before Christmas, be sure to order by December 13th, to ensure they will receive the shipment in time. LAST DATE WE SHIP We stop shipping when the weather turns hot in our area. The plants tend to stress in boxes when shipped in very hot weather. Our usual last shipping date is sometime in early to late April. We’ll post that date on the website one month before, to allow you to get your plants ordered ahead. SHIPPING TREES TO NORTHERN ZONES For people that live in the north (zones 5.6 and 7a) often planting in spring is the safest way to avoid winter killed plants. If you live in those zones and are ordering trees that are subject to winter kill, we suggest you make a note in the “Order notes” on the checkout page to either “Leave them in their pots” so you can keep them inside during cold weather, or have us ship them to you on our “Last  dormant shipping date”.  Our last dormant shipping date is mid-February to mid-March. Shipping at that time of the year will allow you to hold them in the pots for just a few weeks before spring breaks. It will also allow the tree to acclimate to your climate.

Can I Add on to My Shipment to Save Freight?

Yes, you can add trees up until the week we ship. Filling up your boxes will save you money. For add-on orders just submit a new order on the website and make the note in the “Order Notes” on the checkout page, that you would like this order added to a previous order.

When will my Credit Card be Charged?

We charge your card the week before shipping on all orders that go out within a months time. On orders that customers request a shipping date beyond one month, your card will be charged the week the order was placed.

What’s with this Estimated Freight?

We work to be fair and honest with our shipping fees. Our freight charges are at cost. The freight charge at checkout is an estimate, it is calculated using a UPS freight calculator. If when we weigh the box, the freight fee is less than you have paid, you will receive a refund on your credit card.

Shipping Claims

Please check your order as soon as you receive it and make sure all items are included and accounted for. In the unlikely event that your order is damaged or items are incorrect or missing, we want to help make it right for you. If you’ve gotten a damaged plant contact us as soon as possible by phone at 1-850-926-5644, or e-mail us. We cannot accept responsibility for claims filed more than 10 business days after you have received your order. Packing the plantPlants ready to be boxedBoxes

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