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News from the Farm

Tornado damageIt’s been an exciting week around the farm. We had a tornado come through last Sunday and blow down one big tree and a few small trees. Really no damage to our buildings, just the loss of a few of our beloved trees. The tree trimmers have been in cleaning up the mess, and we’re sharing the fire wood with some folks in the community. We fared quite well, the nursery lost power for a few hours, but many folks were out for days. 

New Veggie CropWe’ve got a new crop of veggies on the benches. Lots of gourmet lettuces, radicchio, arugula and spinach. The greenhouse are full of an interesting crop of tomatoes and peppers. Many old heirlooms, Purple Cherokee, Green Zebra, Speckled Roman, plus Hot HOT and sweet peppers. Spring comes early here, it’s time to start prepping your vegetable garden with compost. It will soon be time to start planting the spring gardens.

New Pepper Crop


New Heirloom TomatosWe still have a great collection of fruit trees. Many new varieties. Krewer and Titan two whopper size blueberries with wonderful flavor. Interesting new selections of soft pear, Southern Bartlett and Southern King are two new varieties that do extremely well in the deep south. Lots of grafted mayhaws, Maxine, Betsy and Georgia Gem have large fruit and make excellent jelly. New to us is Goji Berry, the variety Crimson fruits for us in the pots. New shipment of BIG citrus trees, Owari satsumas, Cara Red Navel and more… You’ve just got to see it to believe it. New Shipment big trees 

 The pollinator are out flying and looking for nectar sources. We caught bumble bees checking out some of the butterfly plants in retail. Now is a great time to get some planted to help draw them to your fruit trees and garden. 

Penta and Bumble Bees

2 Responses to News from the Farm

  1. Bert Winkler January 28, 2017 at 7:58 am #

    Sounds like spring is happening at Just Fruits, glad no building damage or personal injury from the tornado… God bless!

    All our plants are thriving that we purchased from you. Healthy and I’m getting ready to prepare the blackberry path.

    • Brandy January 29, 2017 at 6:22 am #

      Great to hear. Hope you have a fruitful year.