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A Passion for Passion Vines

A Passion for Passion Vines When you’re looking for a vine for that special trellis, fence or arbor, the passion vine (Passiflora species) should be at the top of your list. Passion vines are one of the most beautiful twiners that we can grow here. The exotic blooms are not only fascinating to look at; […]

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planting trees Right

Planting Trees Right

Buying beautiful, well-grown plants is a great way to start your future landscape and orchard. The next step to your success lies with planting your tree correctly. Let’s start with your soil, as this is the basic foundation of your plant’s future.  Each plant likes certain soil characteristics.  It helps to have a basic understanding […]

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Wisteria Tree

Scent Gardens of the South

Scent Gardens of the South Historically gardens were filled as much with scent as with flowers. Favorite plants have been selected for bigger and longer flowering times, but their scents have been neglected in the process. Scentless gardens would have bemused the Greeks and Romans and amazed the Victorians. Heirloom plants often have the strongest […]

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R. Austrinum 'Millie Mac' © Joe Coleman

Native Azaleas – Spring is Blooming

NATIVE AZALEAS – SPRING IS BLOOMING Are you tired of looking at brown grass and leafless trees? Spark up the dreary end of winter with the cheer of early spring blooming native azaleas. Native azaleas, also called wild honeysuckle, are among the most popular early bloomers in the nursery. These lovely members of the Rhododendron […]

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Lonestar Arguta Kiwi 6

This Week at the Farm: Container Gardening – Tomatoes, Peppers and More AND the Lone Star Kiwi

This Week at the Farm: Container Gardening – Tomatoes, Peppers and More and the Lone Star Kiwi It’s not too early to start planting tomatoes and peppers for the container gardener, as you will be able to protect the tender plants during any future cold snaps! We have several varieties available including the stunning Green […]

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Pakistan Mulberry

Mulberry – The First Fruit of Spring

Mulberry – The First Fruit of Spring “All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel”. I don’t know where that monkey and weasel lived but here in Florida, mulberries are big trees. Fast growing, large shade trees, mulberry trees produce a fruit so delicious that a blackberry would weep in envy! Sweet, juicy, […]

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Bonide All Seasons Horticulture Oil

Monthly Orchard Calendar

Monthly Fruit Tree Orchard Calendar  for Zones 8 through 9: This monthly fruit tree orchard calendar  is meant to be a general guide to many of the common tasks one does to maintain a fruit orchard. Actual spray programs, fertilizing, and pruning times can vary, due to insects, diseases, and the growing conditions which occur […]

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Black Magic Taro

The Magic of Dark Foliage

The Magic of Dark Foliage When it comes to color, gardeners tend to adopt one of several styles. There are those enamored of big, bold, brightly colored flowers; the prom-dress style. Others enjoy a softer palette of muted blues and whites; the evening gown style of gardening. Some appreciate the shadings of natural greens, and […]

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