The retail garden shop and the farm are now open on Sundays too! Now normal open hours are Wednesday through Saturday 9:05 to 5:08. Sunday 11:00 to 5:00. Closed Holidays: July 4th, Christmas (Dec. 25-Jan. 3), Thanksgiving Day, and Easter Sunday.
ONLINE ORDERS: We are now taking online orders. Shipping season is October through May; order early to get the best selection. New arrivals and crops in progress are becoming available weekly. Please feel free to put your choice(s) on the Wait List. We'll notify you when the crop is ready. More Shipping Info...

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Titan Blueberry Fruit Clusters

This Week – Titan, Blooms, and Pit Tomatoes

 This Week at the Farm You asked us to bring you more Titan™ blueberries and we’ve delivered! Our stock has been replenished and they are available now. These plump berries will be sure to please blueberry lovers. This rabbit-eye variety grows beautiful, super sweet blueberries that are 2-4 times the size of an average blueberry! […]

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Tomatoes are here!

WooHoo!! The first crop of tomato plants are ready! These 4″ tomato pots are $1.99 each. Check out the varieties we have for you this week… Cherry Tomato Varieties: Sun Gold, Sweet Million, Sweet 100, and Juliet  Slicing Tomatoes: Green Zebra, Purple Cherokee, Arkansas Travel, Bush Celebrity, Mr. Stripey, and Better Bush Slicing Tomatoes and… […]

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Tons of Veggies This Week at the Farm

We’ve got a lot happening this week at the farm: We have a new crop of delicious vegetables on the benches! Beautiful lettuces, kale, spinach, onions, delectable strawberries, broccoli, and more are overflowing the shelves. Herbs like bay leaf, peppermint, oregano, and aromatic rosemary are perfect additions for your garden; as well as a funky herb or two […]

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Large Citrus and Stunning Blooms

It has been a great week at the farm. We are excited to have some new large citrus trees (and boy, do we mean large – 30 gallon large!)  There are choices of grapefruit, tangerine and oranges all for you ready to take home.  The new arrivals to the nursery are just superb! Candy colored alstroemerias, foxy foxgloves, […]

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Planting a Tree Correctly

Planting A Tree Correctly

Planting A Tree Correctly Points to Remember: *Dig a hole 3 times wide but no deeper than the root ball of the tree *Amend the hole if your soil is poor or you are planting a tree that requires a richer soil. *Use the right amendment for the type of tree you are planting and […]

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