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Calling All Mail Orders and a Vine of a Time!

Last Call for Mail Orders!

It’s last call. Do you have any items in your cart, or have you been thinking about a new fruit tree for your yard? It’s time to check out! This is the last week to get your mail orders in as our last date to ship is April 27th. 

It’s a Vine of a Time

Vines are a wonderful addition to a landscape and are far too often overlooked. While its true some vines can become a nuisance, not all are hard to keep control of. By adding a simple trellis, arbor, or fence for our vining plants to climb on you can create height and draw the eye upward. 


Passionflower Vine

Passionflower vine produces a truly exotic looking bloom. The passionflower is a fantastic nectar and larval source for many species of butterflies; including the Gulf Fritillary and Zebra Longwing. Grow passionflower in part to full sun and enjoy the splendid flowers and wildlife it’s sure to attract. 


Red Honeysuckle

Red Honeysuckle while not particularly fragrant produces red blooms that hummingbirds throughly enjoy. A florida native that will grow well in part to full sun. 


Confederate Jasmine

Confederate Jasmine is a wonderful fast growing evergreen vine with an intoxicatingly sweet fragrance from its small white blooms. Confederate jasmine will provide the most blooms when grown in full sun. This climbing vine will also work well as a ground cover, but will need to be kept in check as it can be aggressive.


Variegated Confederate Jasmine

Variegated Confederate Jasmine makes a statement when climbing up a fence or trellis the variegated leaves have a romantic appeal to them year-round. While in bloom the dainty white flower will emit a heavenly fragrance in your garden. Variegated confederate jasmine grows best in full to part sun.  

Beauty for Our Pollinating Friends


Sparkler Cleome

Sparkler Cleome is an easy care favorite to add to your flower beds, they prefer full sun and will grow 3′ tall. The delicate spider looking flower attracts butterflies and hummers throughout the summer.


Coral Nymph Salvia

Coral Nymph Salvia is such a beauty, and attracts bees, butterflies, and hummers to its bicolored flowers. The white and pink flower spike combination is that of beauty and grace. Coral nymph salvia grows best in full sun and well drained soil. 


Vienco Lavender

Vienco Lavender is a cuphea which is a fantastic addition to your butterfly garden as a nectar plant. The vienco lavender prefers full sun and has average water requirements.


Calypso Oleander

Calypso Oleander is great specimen for a tropical landscape. The calypso is a vigorous growing oleander with hot pink flowers and evergreen foliage. The calypso oleander is drought tolerant, high salt tolerant and one of the hardiest varieties to cold. This reliable oleander is a true showstopper. 


Red Buckeye

Red Buckeye is a fast growing Florida native reaching an average of 10′ in height. The buckeye is deciduous and tubular spiked flowers appear in spring along with the five pointed foliage. Grow the buckeye along with oak leaf hydrangeas, under a large oak tree or along a forest edge. The buckeye can be grown in full sun, put prefers some shade. If grown in full sun the tree will produce more flowers, but will lose its leaves in late summer, opposed to when grown in the shade. Hummingbirds love the red buckeye as the buckeye provides a good nectar source early in the season. Be forewarned the red buckeye seeds are poisonous if ingested. 


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