The retail garden shop and the farm are now open on Sundays too! Now normal open hours are Wednesday through Saturday 9:05 to 5:08. Sunday 11:00 to 5:00. Closed Holidays: July 4th, Christmas (Dec. 25-Jan. 3), Thanksgiving Day, and Easter Sunday.
ONLINE ORDERS: We are now taking online orders all year round. Place your order anytime. If you have any questions about a shipment, email us at [email protected], Facebook message us, or call us at 850-926-5644.
edible container

Happy New Year!

Ringing in 2015 We’re back! Happy New Year It’s been a busy morning here at the nursery greeting both familiar and new faces alike! Folks are loading up on fruit trees and veggies getting their gardens ready for the new year.  The citrus orchard is full of delicious ripe treats. If you haven’t started growing your own […]

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Rainy Day Shoppers

Last Open Day of 2014

 It’s Christmas Eve and today’s the last day the nursery will open for 2014. We’re closing for the rest of the year, but will be back open on Friday January 2nd 2015. Wow! it will soon be a brand new year. We’re looking forward to it, and introducing as many new souls as we can to growing […]

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Gainey Pomegranate

Growing Fruit Organically

Growing Fruit Organically Growing your own fruit is one of the sweet pleasures in life. To be able to walk out your door and harvest a bowl of fresh blueberries for your cereal every summer morning is a feeling that comes close to heaven. Knowing that your fruit has been grown organically, is free of […]

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Black Magic Taro

The Magic of Dark Foliage

The Magic of Dark Foliage When it comes to color, gardeners tend to adopt one of several styles. There are those enamored of big, bold, brightly colored flowers; the prom-dress style. Others enjoy a softer palette of muted blues and whites; the evening gown style of gardening. Some appreciate the shadings of natural greens, and […]

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Citrus Orange Chinotto

Highlights of the Winter Garden

Highlights of the Winter Garden In winter citrus fruits of all sorts cheer the eye and palate. Among the hardiest, to 20-degrees Fahrenheit once established, is the very distinctive Chinotto (pronounced key-no’-toe) orange. The small, richly colored fruit aren’t particularly sweet but are prized in Italy for use in beverages. In the French confection industry […]

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Planting a Tree Correctly

Planting A Tree Correctly

Planting A Tree Correctly Points to Remember: *Dig a hole 3 times wide but no deeper than the root ball of the tree *Amend the hole if your soil is poor or you are planting a tree that requires a richer soil. *Use the right amendment for the type of tree you are planting and […]

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Fall Gardening 3

Why Wait Till Spring?

Fall Gardening is a Season of Learning and Discovery. Any whiff of cool air in the morning or evening is a tap on the shoulder, a reminder that our yard-earth is ready for our hands and trowel and the introduction of new flowers and vegetables. The hot summer months, when even ardent gardeners only view […]

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