The retail garden shop and the farm are now open on Sundays too! Now normal open hours are Wednesday through Saturday 9:05 to 5:08. Sunday 11:00 to 5:00. Closed Holidays: July 4th, Christmas (Dec. 25-Jan. 3), Thanksgiving Day, and Easter Sunday.
ONLINE ORDERS: We are now taking online orders. Shipping season is October through May; order early to get the best selection. New arrivals and crops in progress are becoming available weekly. Please feel free to put your choice(s) on the Wait List. We'll notify you when the crop is ready. More Shipping Info...
planting trees Right

Planting Trees Right

Buying beautiful, well-grown plants is a great way to start your future landscape and orchard. The next step to your success lies with planting your tree correctly. Let’s start with your soil, as this is the basic foundation of your plant’s future.  Each plant likes certain soil characteristics.  It helps to have a basic understanding […]

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Orchard at Just Fruits and Exotics

Organic Fertilizer Sandwich

Getting success growing fruit trees organically can be challenging, especially when you’re growing your trees in less than perfect soil. In fact, growing fruit trees organically is really about just that; creating a perfect soil. In order to get your organic fertilizer to work properly, it helps to understand a little about what’s going on […]

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Citrus Orange Juice

Selecting and Planting Citrus Trees

Living in Florida certainly has its advantages, warm sunny summers and mild warm winters. We happen to live and garden in one of the rare climates where we can grow citrus fruit. In the central part of the state citrus groves are everywhere, and here in North Florida, with some careful selection and good cultural […]

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Pruning Fruit Trees

Training Fruit Trees

Training Fruit Trees; Start your tree Right If dependable, annual crops of large juicy fruit are what you want from your fruit trees, then annual pruning and thinning of fruit is important. Training fruit trees to develop strong, well spaced branches, which can handle heavy loads of ripe fruit, is also critical to insuring the […]

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Christmas Holiday Schedule

Quick Note on our Holiday Schedule… Fruit trees make great Christmas Gifts! The winter season is upon us, the nursery is brimming with fruit trees, vegetable plants and cool ornamentals. Give the gift that gives back… Fruit Trees! Christmas Season Retail Store Hours: Closed December 21st through January 1st. Reopening Saturday January 2nd 2016. Last […]

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Mandarin Melon Berry

Mandarin Melon Berry Cudrania tricuspidata A truly uncommon fruit

Some of the most interesting fruits come from China. Apricot, plum, chestnut and filbert all originate from this country that so closely mirrors many growing regions of America. Many of these fruits have gained wide popularity and are well known. Some like jujube and Asian pear and mandarin melon berry are slowly winning favor as […]

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Hour Sign at Just Fruits Entrance

We’re Back Open

It’s been a wonderful summer for us. Long days filled with tending the new crop,  grafting more fruit trees, harvesting fruit, and visiting far away places. This is our first open week of the fall season and it’s so nice to be back! The nursery is now open on our regular schedule of Wednesday through […]

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Resized sign 1

Summer Siesta

It’s that Time of Year  Every year during the dog days of summer we close the nursery to give our staff and ourselves some time off to recharge our batteries, see some new sights and work on infrastructure at the nursery. The nursery will be closed this year from August 5th through September 1st. We’ll […]

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